ADL: Pro-Islam Jobbik has infiltrated Trump regime

Rehmat's World

On February 24, the Jewish Daily Forward published its ‘investigation’ into the ‘Self-Hating, Israel Hating (S.H.I.T)‘ creeps on president Donald Trump’s advisory board to fight Islamists planning to destroy the Zionist entity.

According to the investigation,  Sebastian Lukas Gorka, PhD, deputy to Trump’s senior strategic adviser, Steve Bannon, a pro-Israel jerk was associated with Hungary’s second largest political party Jobbik which supports Hamas and Iran.

Based on this ‘investigation’ the powerful Israel lobby group ADL’s  top gun, Jonathan Greenblatt demanded Trump to get rid of Dr. Gorka.

Ironically, the Jerusalem-based Israel’s hasbara news-outlet Breitbart reported on February 14, 2017: “The media are attempting to smear former Breitbart editor Sebastian Gorka. His colleagues at the site could testify, Gorka is not only pro-Israel but also pro -Jewish.” I guess, another Zionist Fake News!

Sebastian Gorka was born in 1970 in London to a Hungarian family who immigrated to Britain before…

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