Closing Rally: Building the resistance after the election

Taking Sides

Published on Jul 13, 2017

Ginario Da Costa, Brid Smith, Moazzam Begg & Amy Leather

9th July 2017…

Around 1,000 people crammed into the final rally of Marxism Festival in central London today, Sunday. There was a confident atmosphere and a mood to fight – alongside deep anger at the system.

The father of Edson Da Costa, who died in east London last month after being stopped by police, gave a moving speech to the rally.

“This is my first time speaking publicly,” he said. “My name is Ginario Da Costa. I came to the UK 21 years ago with my boy, his nickname was Edson.

“I’m going to say thank you to everybody who has called me and said I need to come out and we need to get justice. I need you guys’ support.”

The audience gave him two standing ovations, and held a minute’s silence for…

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One thought on “Closing Rally: Building the resistance after the election”

  1. I was moved by the entire presentation, from beginning to end. If the SWP had a branch, here, in Canada, I would consider being an active member. They certainly seem to speak to pretty much to all of my core values and beliefs.


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