Crimea Wants to Be Part of Bigger World Together With Russia

Eurasia News Online

Dmitry Babich

A brief trip to Crimea in June 2017 made me understand: Crimea wants to be a part of the “bigger world,” but only together with Russia

The theme of economic sanctions against Russia and especially against its region of Crimea is becoming a real bonanza for lawyers. First, the US Senate tried to introduce the legislation that would make president Trump’s administration incapable of lifting the sanctions on Russia. Thanks to some pressure from Germany and other EU member states, the Senate bill has been stopped: the German foreign minister and the Austrian chancellor said that the bill had not been coordinated with the EU and could harm the German and Austrian energy supplies from Russia.

However, the EU did not trail far behind the US with its own share of “sanctions craze.” The European Council announced on Friday that the EU would extend anti-Russian sanctions for six months more. Ukraine, from its side, though not yet a member of the European Union, has already…

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