Daily Mail columnist Katie Hopkins DELETES picture posing with neo-nazi Holocaust denier

Very typical of the kind of “friends” Katie Hopkins attracts. An illiterate(unproabable? IMPROBABLE you uneducated moron) who wouldn’t know the difference between a fascist and a socialist and we are supposed to “know” he is not a Nazi, because he thought Hitler had some good points – it would be an amazing feat by him to even read to the end of Mein Kampf let alone understood any of it. Could someone please put him down and out of our misery(and utter embarrassment).

Pride's Purge

Katie Hopkins is in Sicily with a bunch of far-right loonies who are supposedly trying to single-handedly stop refugees from entering Europe.

Her visit is part of a week-long Mail Online campaign in support of a crowdfunded far-right anti-immigration organisation called Defend Europe:

Hopkins tweeted pictures of herself posing with a few of the organisers of the campaign:

Unfortunately for Hopkins, the guy in the yellow top with his arm around her is a neo-nazi who calls himself Peter Sweden.

Sweden thinks Hopkins is “lovely”:

He also believes the Holocaust didn’t happen:

… rather likes Hitler:

… and isn’t all that keen on Jews:

Which is probably why Hopkins has now deleted her tweet.

So let’s not go spoiling her day by sharing it.

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