New York Times vs. CIA: “An Old Debate Wrapped in New Clothes”

If the accidental killing of two American citizens in a drone strike was important, does that mean the four wedding parties that were massacred in other indiscriminate drone strikes, are simply collateral damage, to be dismissed as unimportant?
The US government has refused to pay compensation for the families(what remained of them) for the war crime committed against them. Two Americans dead and Congressional Oversight required. Two hundred wedding party attendees, with NO AQ affiliations dead and they are not worthy of a mention by Dean Baquet?
Is this representative of US exceptionalism?
Another phrase that springs to mind is US recidivist criminality, never spoken of in the MSM.

Intel Today

“Because it’s a military operation, I don’t think we can completely treat the people who run it purely as intelligence operatives. It moves into a different realm in the discussion as far as I’m concerned. It’s not like you’re exposing a wide undercover operation in Afghanistan. You’re writing about something that is generally done by the military, which I think means that the cloak of secrecy that usually we all allow for the CIA is a little more complicated.”

Dean Baquet — Executive Editor of the New York Times

“As the nation’s dominant news organization, The Times deserves, and gets, intensive scrutiny for how it has handled that story. The grades, clearly, are mixed. Its role in the run-up to the Iraq War has been rightly and harshly criticized. (…) But it’s certainly a healthy sign that The Times’s top editor and some of its key reporters are not only…

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