Video: Israeli lawmaker says he wants to ‘execute’ the relatives of Palestinians who killed police officers

He is more vile than any creature ever put on this earth – they all have a place, even the scavenging rats serve some purpose, but this evil pig shit? He is excrement, a waste product to be disposed of for sanitary purposes and does not belong in any society but does represent well, others who think as he does – the kind of creature that leaves a lingering smell that faeces tends to generate.
If this shit brain ever realized his wet dreams, there would be no Arabs in Israel and not long after, no Israel either. Only in Israel could a piece of garbage like this speak of suffering human beings the way he does and expect to see the sun rise the next day.

Bloggers rant continued below article.



Alternative analysis:

You have to have sympathy for decent Israeli Jews who have to put up with creatures like this, but for those who agree with his thinking – don’t waste your time.
“The real issue, along with the hatred, is that there isn’t enough deterrence against the terrorist and their families. It’s time to improve our deterrence and to expel the families of terrorist. These criminal murderers, the scum, the garbage…
Should they be thrown into the garbage bins of history while leaving us with the pain? They understand nothing but violence. Nothing but power. It’s time that we stopped being submissive. It’s time to expel the families of terrorists. I’d like to say the truth without sounding, God forbid, too extreme. But if it were up to me, I’d enter the terrorist’s home last night, take him and his family with him and execute them all. Yes just like that. With no shame. A quick and simple execution…..” This actually an ex pimp in a position of power within the Knesset – that bastion of fairness.
“…..Hazan’s checkered past as a manager of a casino in Bulgaria where he pimped prostitutes for patrons and used drugs. The allegations against Hazan were first made by Israel’s Channel 2 in an extensive report that aired in 2015. After the broadcast, Hazan filed a lawsuit against the network but lost the libel case as Channel 2 provided the court with evidence of the malfeasances……”
The hatred? The terrorists? criminal murderers, scum, the garbage? That would be the Israelis who started their murderous campaign back in 1947 against Moslems and Christians and this arsehole and his utterances.
“They understand nothing but violence.” So why does Israel not stop visiting violence against them?
“Nothing but power” The Palestinians have none and Israel has it all.
“It’s time that we stopped being submissive” The Palestinians have had to be submissive or be aggressively displaced or murdered while the Israelis have behaved arrogantly and morally reprehensibly for over 70 years.
He went on to make this admission(not that we aren’t already aware of Mossad activities): “Israel’s long hand could reach places overseas in the past and take murderers. You don’t need me to remind you of that. You don’t need me to say the most obvious: that when we want we can eliminate terrorist in their sleep, even in the most remote places”.(A terrorist being someone who makes a criticism of Israel)
Not a revelation but it’s nice to hear an extremist Israeli tell it like it is.
“Enough with playing nice.” ?????
“Enough with being a humanitarian.” ????????(Methinks he really needs to look up the word humanitarian in a dictionary).

As I said at the beginning – an evil piece of pig shit.

No apology from me forthcoming.


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