Force and Fraud

All this and more is happening before our very eyes and yet we do not see it. Soon Perfidious Albion will turn on it’s own – again. The beginnings of which are already underway just as Frank Lee quotes it – “Given the deep structural crisis of western capitalism/imperialism we can expect increasingly desperate attempts of the degenerate elites to keep control of the system through open repression, surveillance and thought control. ” In Britain Laws protecting peoples rights are being attacked and where possible repealed and the police are being used as the attack dogs against public rights to respond. The “nudge” tactics employed by the Tory Government and some right wing opposition members and promoted through acquiescent MSM have indeed seen the fully established “me” culture and the surveillance is now making exponential ground n dictating what we may learn,, think and speak. All going according to plan. The real socialists (not the pseudo left) are the only fly in the ointment, which is why they are under constant assault by the false leftist narrative hell bent on undermining genuine socialist ideology and working hand in glove with the power elites.


by Frank Lee

Statue of Niccolò Machiavelli outside the Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Niccolò Machiavelli Italian politician, Writer and Author, adviser to the Medicis
It seems now overwhelmingly apparent that the ‘West’ has entered a phase of terminal decline – a multifaceted and ongoing deterioration at multiple levels: cultural, political, ideological and economic. Such is the way with all civilizations, particularly those based upon empire. This is not a novel phenomenon; indeed, has become something of a cliché (1). But the process appears to exhibit a recurring historical leitmotif. As the American writer Morris Berman described it:

With the exception of hunter-gatherer societies which have not been interfered with by more complex ones … the pattern of birth, maturity and decay would seem to be inescapable … Where is the glory of Babylonia now? Or that of Egypt, India, China, Greece and Rome? Gone, all gone – that is the historical…

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