Sky Blocks OffGuardian as a Malware Site

Unless you ask the right questions on your laptop, SKY will not give you the truth of what they have agreed to be part of – sanctioning certain sites whose only “unsuitable content” is the truth.
For IT knowledgeable SKY viewers it may be possible to remove the broadband “Shield” by going through the interactive facility on your SKY box using “My Sky Account”. I couldn’t find any way to remove it through “services” or “interactive” or settings. Even requesting information regarding the SKY BROADBAND SHIELD offered no opportunity of adjusting it in “My Account”. The only option available was by ‘phone to the customer services call centre requesting the removal of the SKY Broadband Shield. It was done immediately and I was able to access OffGuardian immediately.
The SKY Broadband Shield is a tool primarily for guarding youngsters against “unsuitable material”, but quite how a site dedicated to offering information based on facts and truth could ever be unsuitable for youngsters, while other sites promoting MSM propaganda are unaffected, is in the real world, egregious Big Brother tactics of silencing critical thinking and information.
Please make sure you alert all SKY users of this deliberate abuse of their clients trust.


August 4, 2017

Dear OffGuardian readers:

A reader in the UK has just advised us that SKY has been blocking the OffGuardian as a malware site,  using its Sky Broadband Shield to deny the public access to us.

People using Wifi through their Sky package may not find this out and will probably not know how to terminate this intrusion.   The Sky number to call to have them remove their shield is 03442414141.

As the reader who passed this information to us points out:

The assault on truth and sites promoting it has begun and is far reaching and OffGuardian, like WSWS and other left-wing alternate media sites, is obviously being targeted. Hope OffG makes it known as did WSWS.”

Here’s the text of Andre Damon’s “Google’s chief search engineer legitimizes new censorship algorithm,” published by the WSWS on July 31, 2017:

Between April and June, Google completed a…

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