Tory candidate and close friend of Guido Fawkes on young women: Isolate, Inebriate, Penetrate

That he even associates with Mark Clarke – a Tory bully boy and sexist filth, is bad enough. But to have him in your social circle and be best buddies with it? Yuk.

Pride's Purge

Tory youth leader and election candidate Mark Clarke – who was accused of bullying a young man, Elliott Johnson, to his death as well as sexually harassing young women – had friends in very high places in the Tory Party:

He was also BIG mates with Paul Staines – AKA Guido Fawkes – who even invited Clarke to his blog’s birthday party:

So it’s a bit strange Staines seems to be very concerned at the moment about Labour MPs using sexist language.

Because Staines didn’t seem to be at all upset by what his close mate Clarke said about the young women he was officially in charge of during the Tories’ 2015 election campaign:



Mark Clarke used connections with Guido Fawkes blog to threaten opponents

Report into ‘Tatler Tory’ Mark Clarke ‘exposes claims of sexually inappropriate behaviour’

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