Terrorists are Equipped with Western Weapons in Syria

From the comments section ….”Mention should go to Dilyana Gaytandzhieva (formerly of Trud newspaper) who documented the CIA – Air NATO import of weapons via the proprietary Silk Airways from Azerbaijan. Of course, she lost her job for witnessing and documenting the truth – but at least she hasn’t been “Gladio B’d.” We need more real journalists of her ilk – we’ve more than enough presstitute stenographers as it is.
……The trail of evidence to crime scenes, such as those now being uncovered in Syria, must go back decades to previous military and covert operations conducted across the globe.
But if the US has successfully placed itself beyond international law by simply making up stories that are dutifully embraced by our spineless media (war on terror, WMD and now Russian hacking) it seems unlikely it will restrain the aggressive tendencies of tomorrow’s hawks?
Not a single person was held to account after 9/11 or Iraq because even by then the pattern of lies and disinformation (allied to large doses of public gullability) was an already well established modus operandi. For this reason it seems very unlikely that any high ranking official will be brought to book even if filmed teaching Sunni fanatics the most reliable way to terrorise an unarmed population
In fact those who perpetrate terrible crimes are punished with fabulous wealth, book deals, newspaper articles, and even the occasional slot on the Graham Norton show – no wonder there is a queue straining at the lease to add their name to the list of infamy.
and another……The whole World has known for some time that the US was supporting terrorism in the Middle East while pretending otherwise! This article then is no surprise. American allies do not have the intestinal fortitude to call the US on its betrayal of the West. By supporting, arming and funding terrorism (moderate terrorists is a joke) the US has shown everyone that it cannot be trusted and it cannot be the leader of the fight against terrorism. In point of fact, the US itself, is the biggest terrorist nation on the face of the Earth!
All well informed and excellent.


by Anna Jaunger, from the Inside Syria Media Center

Inside Syria Media Center continues publishing some evidence of the U.S.-made weapons supply to ISIS and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) terrorists in Syria.

According to Syrian General Ali Al-Ali, the United States illegally delivered at least 1,500 trucks with military equipment and weapons for terrorists in Syria between June 5 and September 15 this year.

The General reported that all Washington’s statements regarding this military equipment was intended for the U.S. allies were false. Ultimately, the weapons almost always come into the hands of terrorists. In support of his words, Ali Al-Ali analyzed some NATO weapons captured by the Syrian army from ISIS and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham army depots.

The Austrian Glock 19 pistol especially is among the most popular weapons. In 2014, ISIS released footage, where terrorists executed several hostages using such kind of pistols. Later, it turned…

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