Haunted by the Ghosts of War


by Edward Curtin

Memorial Day, May 29th is his birthday. November 22nd is the day he died defending his country. A true war hero, a naval officer, he risked his life to save his men. Like so many we should remember on November 11th, the day of remembrance for the millions of war dead from WW I, “the Great War” they call it, he goes before us as an exemplar of courage, real patriotism, and a witness to war’s brutality. Veteran’s Day, Armistice, Remembrance Day, Memorial Day – there are so many days for the war dead, and they include but a small portion; we might as well have one every day of the year.

But remembering all the war dead is like drifting on a ghost ship in a still sea of burning water. Haunted by the eerie silence of their absent presence, if we listen closely enough, we…

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