Resisting the long war — Alex Collinicos |International Socialism

Taking Sides

Resisting the long war

Issue: 149

Alex Callinicos

In May 1970 a group of prominent Harvard academics with considerable government experience, led by the game theorist Thomas Schelling, went to the White House to meet their ex-colleague, Henry Kissinger, then national security adviser to president Richard Nixon. They were there to protest against the recent invasion of Cambodia by the United States and its client regime in South Vietnam—supposedly to attack “safe havens” used by Viet Cong guerrillas. The invasion provoked a massive wave of protest on American campuses and led to the fatal shooting of four students at Kent State University and two more at Jackson State. The historian Greg Grandin explains:

Kissinger’s former colleagues weren’t aware that Nixon and Kissinger had already been secretly bombing Cambodia and Laos for over a year… They knew only about the invasion, and that was bad enough. “Sickening,” Schelling said…

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