No war on Lebanon or Iran or Hezbollah but preliminary moves towards a Saudi-Israeli relationship

Elijah J. Magnier

21 November 2017

By Elijah J. Magnier –

“It is not a question of war against Hezbollah, Iran or Lebanon, it is a preliminary preparation for an overt Saudi Arabia and Israel relationship”. This is what a decision maker related to the Israeli-Arab-Iran struggle said.

In Yemen, Hezbollah was never present with large numbers: a few dozen advisors were in the country to offer training and shared their long experience gathered during many years of war against Israel and in Syria. Those who formed the Hezbollah special forces were present in Yemen to teach Zaydi Houthi how to defend themselves against the US led coalition and the Saudi continuous aggression. It is the duty of Muslims to defend those oppressed (Mustad’afeen) in the same way that the Imam Khomeini supported the Lebanese during the 1982 Israeli invasion. Iran’s religious duty dictated its obligation to support Iraq against the occupation forces…

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