Guardian’s “Putin stealing election” shows new wave of Russia-hate being rolled out



This appeared in the Guardian today (thanks to Peter in the comments for alerting us):

We won’t bother doing an analysis of its lies, stupidities and racism. Simon Tisdall, author of the piece, could easily find out the reason Putin is virtually certain to return as president isn’t because the election is rigged but because people in Russia overwhelmingly support him. Even Gallup admit that much. Even the more level-headed western outlets acknowledge it. It’s a fact beyond dispute. Putin doesn’t need to rig anything on order to win an election.

But Tisdall’s brutish conviction is proof against facts. Any facts, even Western-backed facts. Instead of doing even basic research he prefers to riff for umpteen paragraphs on something that is a total, demonstrable lie.

Fact-based reality is not the one Tisdall and his peers live in any more. They don’t see it. And when it’s presented to…

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