Academic Freedom? — ‘Syria Working Group’ Attacked By The Times

The Times has now become the worst of ultra propagandist and anti free speech (or even free thinking) and has joined the swamp inhabitants who should be drained.
So who exactly does the Times actually speak for and on behalf of? Not the British people obviously, or Free Speech or the right to be told the truth – which is becoming increasingly in short supply via the MSM.

Intel Today

“One day on and feeling amazed. A brand new working group, with just one research note to its credit (which makes no mention of the word Assad) hits the front page of The Times. What on earth could explain this extraordinary impact?”

Professor Tim Hayward — Edinburgh (April 15 2018)

“The front page of The Times was a hatchet job on me and other colleagues who are against intervention.”

Dr Tara McCormack — International relations lecturer at Leicester University

“A small number of people working in UK academia have been willing to question & critically examine the prevailing narrative on Syria. This is how the disgusting rag The Times has reported it, a full on McCarthyite witch hunt at the exact moment that the UK is illegally bombing.”

Louis Allday — PhD candidate at SOAS and History/Arabic specialist

“We recognise and uphold the fundamental importance of freedom of expression, and…

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