Turkey’s New Left — Cengiz Gunes (2017)|New Left Review 107, September-October 2017

Taking Sides

Source: New Left Review

RELATED (as quoted from New Left Review):


“Analysing the current hegemony of Erdoğan’s AKP in Turkey, Cihan Tuğal argues that the party has been the agent of a classic passive revolution, effectively shoring up the Kemalist state. Paradoxes of ‘Americanization with Muslim characteristics’, against the backdrop of Western military intervention in the Middle East.”

CIHAN TUĞAL: DEMOCRATIC JANISSARIES? Turkey’s Role in the Arab Spring:

“Turkey has been hailed by the West as a democratic model for the Islamic world. Cihan Tuğal takes a cool look at the Erdoğan government’s domestic and foreign policy record, from ‘zero problems’ diplomacy to the blockade of Libya and dirty war on Damascus, airstrikes on Turkish Kurds and silence on Bahrain.”


Cengiz Gunes

[Dr. Cengiz Gunes holds a PhD in Politics from the Ideology and Discourse Analysis Programme (IDA), Department of Government, University of…

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