Integrity Initiative: How Media Promote Military Intelligence Propagandist Nimmo

Eurasia News Online

Kit Klarenberg

In November hacking syndicate Anonymous leaked internal files from the shadowy Institute for Statecraft and its subsidiary the Integrity Initiative. The explosive documents exposed how the ‘think tank’ was in fact an international “information war effort”, run by British military intelligence specialists, and funded by the British state and NATO.

A bid forMinistry ofDefence fundingsubmitted bythe Integrity Initiative tothe UK Ministry ofDefence in2017 lists a “tougher stance ingovernment policy towardsRussia” and “more information published inthe media onthe threat ofRussian active measures” askey performance indicators forthe organization.

To achieve this end, the Institute via its Initiative is amassing ‘clusters’ the world over — groups of politicians, businesspeople, military officials, academics and journalists — who “understand the threat posed to Western nations” by Russian “disinformation” and can be mobilized to influence policy in support of the “Anglo-Saxon worldview”, and against the interests of the Russian state.

Moreover, it quietly employs a small army ofoperatives who routinely flood the mainstream media…

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