Bye bye Murdoch – how you can help set-up a media revolution in the UK

Pride's Purge


Our media is not fit for purpose.

More than ever we need an independent media in this country – to help hold power to account.

To achieve this, we need media that is truly free of corporate and government influence – especially their money, and their power.

That’s why I am proud to be part of a group of independent media organisations who are setting up The Media Fund.

You can get a lot more detailed information about the project here:

The Media Fund: help finance the UKs media revolution

With a little funding, I am personally aiming to launch a new investigative organisation – Torchlight UK– which will be attempting to shine a light into the dark corners of the UK establishment, revealing and making public hidden connections between UK politicians, media and big business.

Please help by either making a donation to the fund, or help spread the word by…

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Anger after The Sun photoshops out WW2 veteran from Remembrance Sunday service

Pride's Purge

The Sun has sparked anger after it photoshopped out a war veteran who was attending a Remembrance Sunday service with Jeremy Corbyn.

The Sun has now deleted the vile article – which was attempting to smear the Labour leader:


The Sun’s photoshopped pictures bizarrely claimed Corbyn was dancing:


In fact, Corbyn was chatting with his constituent, Second World War veteran George Durack:


When are British people going to finally photoshop out of our country this vile excuse of a newspaper?

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“Hezbollah” on the March | Colonel Cassad

The Fourth Revolutionary War

Know now the sword of Ali, Oh Wahabist!


The Mechanized division of “Hezbollah” holds military parade in Quseir (near Damascus). Tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled guns, trucks. Lebanese resources call this connection “the 1st mechanized division in the history of the movement”. That showed, a division of course technology is not yet typed, but an A-team, full. Part of the equipment we need to understand is of Syrian origin, and some BMPs are clearly originally from Lebanon.

And here still such here.

Plus satellite photo of the area, which hosted the parade.

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Al-Qaeda morale in Aleppo collapses, Western campaign against Russian bombing ends

best news for a long time.



A flyer dropped by the Syria Air Force over East Aleppo, intimating Islamist fighters surrounded there`to “Exit Now!” the area or face the same fate as their killed commanders pictured in the flyer.

Alexander Mercuris writes in The Duran:

One place where Donald Trump’s election victory has had an immediate effect is in the battlefield around Aleppo.

Reports from the area of the battlefield speak of a total collapse of morale amongst the Al-Qaeda led Jihadi forces which have been attacking the city from the south west, as whatever lingering hopes there were of a Western military intervention following a victory by Hillary Clinton in the US Presidential election have turned to dust.

The result is that the Jihadi forces have been rapidly losing ground in the south western suburbs of Aleppo over the last three days, a fact which has apparently obliged Al-Qaeda to draw on its last…

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Open Letter to American Liberals


by Thomas S. Harrington, via Common Dreams

I would love to share, my liberal friend, in your sense of incredulity about the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of United States. I would love to stand with you in the sense of woundedness that, while certainly painful up front, carries with it the secondary compensation of a warm and nurturing solidarity. I would love to sit with you and fulminate in righteous anger about the unparalleled vulgarity and cruelty of Trump and his followers.

As much as I’d like to do these things, I won’t.  Why?

Because I know you, perhaps better than you even dare to know yourself. I know you well because I have watched you with great and detailed care over the last three decades and have learned, sadly, that you are as much if not more about image and self-regard as any of the laudable…

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Video: Aleppo residents rush home after their neighborhood is freed of terrorists by Syrian Army



“The moment of the return of civilians to their homes in the 1070 apartment project after its liberation by units of the Syrian army and the Allies”

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