A Tale of Two Syrian Boys…only one of whom is supposed to matter


Please watch this to the end. The last portion is harrowing, but not gratuitous. No violence is depicted. But we see the truth of what the US-backed al-Zenkis did to little Abdullah.

Please share this widely and don’t be afraid to contact the media and ask them why children’s lives only matter when it serves the Western agenda.

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The Tory British Bill of Rights: ‘be the short change you want to see’

Politics and Insights


The politics of regression

The UK has passed a lot of posts over the last five years. We are now a post-European, post-welfare, post-consensus, post-progressive, post-rational, post-democratic, post-first world, post-liberal, post-inclusive, post-diverse, post-equality, post-freedom, post-rights, post-protest, post-truth society. We managed all of this by travelling backwards as a society, not forwards.

The clocks stopped when the Conservatives took office in 2010. Now we are losing a decade a day.

This week, the government have confirmed they still plan to repeal the Human Rights Actand replace it with a so-called British Bill of Rights. This will break the formal link between the European Court of Human Rights and British law. Any judgement from Europe would  be treated as “advisory” only, rather than legally binding, and would need to be “approved” by parliament. Such a Bill would definitely short change UK citizens in terms of balancing responsibilities, obligations and rights. It would profoundly…

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Corbyn-supporters expelled or barred from voting in leader poll


from Vox Political

John Dunn (pictured here confronting Owen Smith) has been banned from voting in the Labour leadership election because he stood up for the Orgreave miners. John Dunn (pictured here confronting Owen Smith) has been banned from voting in the Labour leadership election because he stood up for the Orgreave miners.

A wave of expulsion, suspensions and voting bans is sweeping across the Labour Party as the Owen Smith-supporting party machine tries to shore up his support.

Members across the UK are receiving notifications that they will not be allowed to vote for Jeremy Corbyn because of perceived breaches of recently-imposed, highly-partisan rule changes that offer advantage to supporters of Mr Smith.

For example, members who have used the word “Blairite” on the social media – even if they used it accurately and not in a pejorative sense – will not be allowed to vote, even though no official announcement was made to members by the party’s leadership.

It is right that the leadership election should be conducted in an orderly manner and…

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why we have to say no to war in Syria


by Simon Wood

This piece was originally published September 8 2015, but is highly relevant to the ongoing drive for war i Syria

We can’t have it both ways. We can’t be both the world’s leading champion of peace and the world’s leading supplier of arms.” Former US President Jimmy Carter, presidential campaign, 1976 [Source]

No clearer demonstration of the mass psychosis afflicting much of humanity can be seen than in the ongoing outrage and horror evoked by the photographs of 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi’s body. While it goes without saying that any empathic being would react with utter revulsion and helpless fury at the fate of this poor little boy, one cannot ignore the vast indifference evident toward the thousands of other needless child deaths that occur daily around the world. For this silent slaughter, we hear: ‘Shit happens’ or ‘What am I supposed to do about it?’

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Western corporate media ‘disappears’ over 1.5 million Syrians and 4,000 doctors

In Gaza



-Eva Bartlett

Aug 14, 2016, SOTT.net

-(Global Research, Strategic Culture Foundation)

As the Syrian Arab Army and Syrian government make more significant advances in restoring security to northern Syria’s Aleppo and its population, war-propagandizing human rights groups posing as neutral, and Western media (and Gulf counterparts like Al Jazeera) churn out recycled and debunked accusations anew.

According to these compromised US government and Soros-funded NGOs and much of the corporate media, there is only one “last” pediatrician and a scarce number of doctors left in Aleppo. They are, of course, referring solely to the terrorist-occupied regions of Aleppo (eastern and some northern quarters) and even then ignore the reality that the Syrian government continues to pay the salaries of doctors in terrorist-occupied areas, including eastern Aleppo.

This “last-pediatrician” assertion was put forth earlier this year as part of a media frenzy attempting to vilify Syria and…

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Washington ‘Galvanized’ Kurds to Attack Syrian Army in Hasakah


A Kurdish fighter from the People's Protection Units (YPG) carries his weapon as he stands past a tank in the Ghwairan neighborhood of Hasaka, Syria, August 22, 2016.

The US has pitted the Syrian Kurds against Damascus-led forces in the northeastern city of Hasakah in a bid not to lose regional influence should Turkey, Russia and Iran create an alliance to resolve the Syrian conflict, analyst and journalist Hüsnü Mahalli told Sputnik, adding that recent clashes are part of the West’s “geopolitical games.”

“Up until now Russia and Iran have helped to maintain cordial relations between the Syrian Kurds from the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and Damascus. The PYD made a mistake when it opted to cooperate with the US,” he said.

Kurdish militias, assisted by the US, have been trying to push radical groups, including Daesh and al-Nusra Front from northern Syria and secure the porous border with Turkey.  At the same time, the Kurds have established a de-facto autonomy in the areas under their control.Mahalli emphasized that any efforts on the part of the PYD and the People’s Protection Units (YPG) to create an independent state will be a mistake…

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Exclusion Zone: A De Facto No-Fly Zone to Expand America’s War on Syria

The US has no right to dictate anything, despite it’s over inflated sense of importance. That applies to a No-Fly zone or whatever they may wish to call it.

The Fourth Revolutionary War


TEHRAN (FNA)- The Pentagon has warned Syria not to fly planes in the Hasaka province or risk getting them shot down by US planes.

The Pentagon has even called for establishing an “Exclusion Zone” in the area, desperately trying to convince the international community that there is some sort of distinction between this zone you can’t fly in and a “no-fly zone.”

This came after fighting erupted between Syrian Army and Kurdish PKK forces in the city of Shadadi in Hasaka province late last week, with the PKK’s Asayesh forces attempting to take the rest of the city, which had long been jointly held and jointly defended. As the fighting escalated, Syrian warplanes bombed Kurdish forces embedded with US troops.

The Pentagon has since expanded this to declaring the area an “Exclusion Zone”  which is not really distinct from a no-fly zone because it is the same thing. In…

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