Just How Murderous Was Stalin? Zakhar Prelepin

Lies, damned lies, and statistics
Originally appeared at Moscovskaya Oblastnaya Gazeta. Translated by Julia Rakhmetova

This year it is the 110-year anniversary since a work read by many was published, and many people refer to it at the drop of a hat. It’s about the forecast made by Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev (chemist, author of the periodic system of chemical elements, Mendeleev’s table) in his work “To the knowledge of Russia” (1906). Mendeleev extrapolated the data of the all-Russian census in 1897, to the future. Using the birth rate recorded back then, in 2000, 594.3 million people would be living in Russia.

Alas, Mendeleev was ‘conscientiously mistaken’, as they say. He could never have dreamed of – no, not the scale of the repressions and wars that would follow. Rather, he could not forecast the European urbanization process and decrease in the birth rate resulting from it (there is much less space to live in the city, not to mention other factors: more social possibilities, contraception, termination of pregnancy, and so on).

The natural increase in Tsarist Russia just before World War I was 1.67%. On this basis, anti-Soviet demographers came up short 100 million people by Stalin’s death in 1953, and, without any further ado, stated that Soviet tyranny killed them all: “Ask Mendeleev!” But the situation was more curious.

The annual increase in the Russian population from 1917 to 1959 was 0.60%. In the same period, the British population increased by 0.46%, and the French by 0.41%.

Using Mendeleev’s miscalculation, it turns out that there were bloody Bolsheviks in those countries too. If not, their populations should have dropped more significantly. The historian Igor Pykhalov joked that if we apply the same calculation to Finland (which withdrew from Russia after the Revolution in 1917), it would turn out that the Finns killed almost 2 million of their own!

30,000 people died in Finland during its civil war. The Finnish White Guard killed 12,000 communists in concentration camps (the same thing happened in Russia, but the Red army won), while they lost 25,000 people the Soviet-Finnish war, and 82,000 people in World War II on the side of Hitler… So, where are those 2 million missing?

Multiply these 2 million by all of Soviet Russia, and you will see the same strange result. Dozens of millions of Soviets were recorded as victims by anti-Soviets, while there was nothing even close.

…Today, another election campaign is on the rise in Russia. You’ll see, or rather, hear the argument for Mendeleev repeatedly the coming months. “Where are the 500 million people Mendeleev wrote about?” they will say, to silence their opponents.

Every time, when you hear this reference to ‘us with Mendeleev’, you are more than welcome to think that the person saying this is either lying or ignorant.

Nick Cohen: “Brexiteers are fascists, liars and charlatans whose only recourse is name-calling,”

Mr. Cohen condemns the name calling by Brexiteers, calling Brexiteers names. I don’t suppose he realises the rather pointed irony?



Mere days after the Guardian published no less than four different editorials criticising the tone of the debate, the poisoning of the atmosphere, and the contempt we have for our elected officials, Nick Cohen has bravely waded into the debate. Roundly condemning the modern wave of what he calls “paranoid populism”, a term he evidently thinks is catchy:

Paranoid populism’s defining principle can be summarised in a paragraph. No one contradicts me in good faith. My opponents must be lying. They must be corrupt. They are more than merely mistaken, they are degenerate.

“Paranoid populism” – and by this Cohen means anyone who doesn’t like politicians, anyone who doesn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, anyone who wants to leave Europe, “conspiracy theorists” and anyone who voted for Jeremy Corbyn – relies on ad hominem attacks, baseless accusations, assumptions of corruption and the assertion of moral authority. Now, with this in mind…

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wheels finally come off the Guardian’s Russophobia


The Graun’s latest piece of Russophobia is so flamingly, screamingly ridiculous, there’s no need to deconstruct it….

Senior government officials fear the violence unleashed by Russian hooligans at Euro 2016 was sanctioned by the Kremlin and are investigating links with Vladimir Putin’s regime.

…runs the headline.

Oh dear dear dear. Can’t you just see the editors squirming and cringing when this morsel landed on their desks from GCHQ? Can’t you picture the ensuing phone call…

Editor: Hi yes, it’s me – we just got your latest, and well, it’s terrific as usual obviously, but there’s a couple of teensy little issues we sort of want to chat about…

GCHQ: Go on…

Editor: Ummm…you know…we’ve been talking here and the consensus is – do we really want to actually say the Kremlin sponsors football hooligans?

GCHQ: Why not?

Editor: Well, ummm, perhaps because it looks – I mean obviously it isn’t…

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UN: mercenaries committed genocide against Yazidis

The Fourth Revolutionary War


The UN said that IS mercenaries committed massacres against the Yazidi people calling for a referral of the case to the International Criminal Court.

Investigators of the United Nations said today that ISIS gangs committed the crime of genocide against the Yazidi people in Syria and Iraq and sought to destroy the ethnic and religious sect, which includes 400 thousand people through killings, sexual slavery and other crimes.

Investigators’ reports confirmed that the genocide against the Yazidi people continues till now and they incite the international community to save at least 3,200 Yazidi women and children who are still being held by ISIS gangs, calling for a referral the case to the International Criminal Court.

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History as ghastly repetition – Anna Lindh & Jo Cox


Anna Lindh, pro Euro MP, murdered four days before the Swedish referendum in 2003 Anna Lindh, pro Euro MP, murdered four days before the Swedish referendum in 2003

In 2003, just four days before the Swedish referendum on joining the Eurozone, a prominent pro-Euro MP, Anna Lindh, was stabbed to death in a public place. The man later convicted, claimed to have no idea why he had done it, and no political motive was ever suggested for the killing.

Nevertheless many people predicted that the brutal death of a pro-Euro MP, so soon before the vote, would have a massive effect on the results. In the end it did not, and Sweden voted to stay out.

In 2016, just seven days before the UK referendum on leaving the EU, a prominent pro-EU MP, Jo Cox, was shot to death in a public place. The man accused has been described by neighbours as “quiet, bit of a loner, keen gardener”, with no known political…

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Newspaper deletes mention of organisation linked to Brexit leaders in report on Jo Cox’s killer

Pride's Purge

It seems everyone is trying really hard not to mention the fact that Jo Cox’s alleged killer Thomas Mair was a member of a far-right organisation with links to leading members of the Brexit campaign. More on that here:

The link between Nigel Farage and Jo Cox’s alleged killer

The Independent newspaper however has gone one further and shamelessly edited out the name of the Swinton Circle in an article on Mair.

Here’s the original quote from the Springbok Club’s newsletter:

indy springbok1

And here’s how the Independent reported the same quote:

indy springbok2

This deliberate editing out of any mention of the Swinton Circle by the press has obviously nothing at all to do with the fact that leading VIP Brexiters such as Liam Fox, Owen Paterson and Nigel Farage have had close ties to the organisation in the past.

Because that would link them far too closely to Jo Cox’s alleged killer. Which would be far too uncomfortable at this stage…

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Guardian wastes no time in turning tragedy into politcal capital



Less than 24 hours after the violent death of the Labour MP Jo Cox, the Guardian has unleashed two editorials that seek to pin the blame, not on the suspect currently in custody, but on the people campaigning for Britain to leave the EU.

The first, by Polly Toynbee, is closed for comments (for the author’s sake, you would think…but we’ll get to that later) – it is tasteless, evidenceless and manipulative:

It’s wrong to view the killing of Jo Cox in isolation.”

…she says, and having quickly and efficiently removed the need to talk about the specifics of the murder, or any of the tragic details, she proceeds to use the killing of a 42 year old mother as a platform for attacking her political opponents and ramming home some Guardianista agenda.

This poor woman was not killed by the apparently mentally ill man, currently in police custody…

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