About the government’s claims on ‘real wages’ being ‘the highest since 2011’…

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Firstly, the graph does not show what Raab is claiming. The graph does show that after 8 years of Conservative government, real wages are lower than when the coalition took office. It shows an appalling and shameful record.

After the global recession in 2008, consumer prices rose faster than the average wage, so the real value of wages fell. They continued to fall until 2014.

The average real wage is now actually lower than it was ten years ago.

Following the recession in 2008, average wages fell almost consistently in real terms until mid-2014. From 2014 to 2016, inflation was low and wages increased, though they’re still not back to their pre-recession levels. Now, inflation has caught up again, and real wages…

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By posting anti-Corbyn tweets this ‘black ops’ organisation has just shot itself in the foot

From the Canary:



Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs
https://spkt.io/a/158693The UK-based Integrity Initiative specialises in covert operations aimed at countering Russian propaganda. But it also conducts ‘black ops’ in countries across Europe and beyond. It’s largely funded by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and listed as a project of the little known Institute for Statecraft, a registered charity.

But Integrity has also been aiming its propaganda at UK targets; in particular Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and his associates. And now, an inquiry into the work of Integrity has been called.


The Canary first ran a story on Statecraft and Integrity on 29 November 2018, highlighting some of their funding arrangements. We explained how Integrity’s handbook, published by Anonymous hacktivists and seen by The Canary, recommends possible ‘educational events’ by other organisations, including by BuzzFeedand Bellingcat. It also lists Bellingcat as a possible research partner.

Details of Integrity’s FCO funding appear in a document, sourced by Anonymous, with the metadata ‘FCO Budget’. It shows that, for the year 2017/18, a total of £480,635 was made available. Confirmation of FCO funding also comes via an Integrity statement. And according to another document sourced by Anonymous, the US State Department provided £250,000 to Integrity, and Facebook is a co-funder. But that’s not all. On 27 November 2018, FCO minister Alan Duncan confirmed in answer to a question:

In financial year 2017/18, the FCO funded the Institute for Statecraft’s Integrity Initiative £296,500. This financial year, the FCO is funding a further £1,961,000. Both have been funded through grant agreements.

Anti-Labour smears

The work of Integrity has come under further scrutiny after it was found to have posted a series of tweets critical of Labour, in particular of Jeremy Corbyn and Seumas Milne, Labour’s strategy and communications chief.

John McDonnell MP


If this is true this is an outrageous abuse of government powers and resources. We need an urgent statement from the government and an independent inquiry.

Labour Press Team


.@EmilyThornberry responds to media reports that a government-funded Infowars operation has been engaged in political attacks against Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Partyhttps://labour.org.uk/press/emily-thornberry-responds-reported-government-funded-attacks-labour-party/ 


Another document sourced by Anonymous provides details of how the FCO money should be spent – namely, for the Russian Language Strategic Communications Programme. But there is nothing in that document that provides for propaganda aimed at Britain’s Labour Party.

Rural hideaway

Until recently, Statecraft remained a little known entity. Indeed, its registered offices are hidden away at a very remote site in rural Scotland. Here is an aerial view:

Running the show

Statecraft boasts some interesting directors, invariably with a military or related background. For example, Daniel Lafayeedney was a fellow with the Advanced Research and Assessment Group at the Defence Academy of the UK. And Chris Donnelly was a special adviser to the secretary general of NATO (and an adviser to Margaret Thatcher). Both are listed as directors of the Council on Foreign Relations, whose registered offices are listed at the same address as Statecraft.


In the wake of the latest revelations about Integrity and Statecraft, shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry stated:

It is one of the cardinal rules of British public life that official resources should not be used for party political purposes… why did the Foreign Office allow public money to be spent on attempting to discredit Her Majesty’s Opposition? Did they know this was happening? If not, why not? And if they did, how on earth can they justify it?

Statecraft responded:

The IfS started the Integrity Initiative to highlight disinformation and malign influence across Europe.

We are non-partisan and highlight relevant stories whoever they feature.

But the stated object of Statecraft (which regards Integrity as one of its projects) does not include posting critical comments or smears about the Labour Party. So perhaps the Scottish Charities Regulator should take a good look into Statecraft’s and Integrity’s alleged ‘charitable’ works.

Meanwhile, Labour MP Chris Williamson has called for a public inquiry into the work of Integrity, rather than an internal investigation, as suggested by FCO minister Duncan.

Embedded video

Chris Williamson MP #GTTO


This Tory government has funded an organisation which has meddled in the domestic politics of our European neighbours while attacking @jeremycorbyn.

That’s why I’m calling for an inquiry into @InitIntegrity – democracies don’t behave like this.

Indeed, when taxpayers’ money is used to fund a programme that not only targets the internal politics of allies but also the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, then only a full-blown inquiry will suffice.

Universal Discredit

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Philip Alston, UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, travelled across the country to examine the impact of austerity. He came to Newcastle, visiting a West End foodbank, among other places. He concluded that Universal Credit and other ‘reforms’ are “entrenching high levels of poverty and inflicting unnecessary misery.” According to his research, 14 million people – a fifth of the population – live in poverty. Four million of these are more than 50% below the poverty line, and 1.5 million are destitute, unable to afford basics essentials. Alston said: “In the fifth richest country in the world, this is not just a disgrace, but a social calamity and an economic disaster, all rolled into one.” 

Universal Credit has been designed to change the relationship between the state and citizens. It is about altering the public’s expectations of the role of government. It is about deepening…

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Hidden History: Exposing the Roots of the Korean Conflict

The Most Revolutionary Act

Imposed Divide: Exposing the Roots of the Korean Conflict

RT (2018)

Film Review

This documentary dispels many myths promoted by Western media about the real purpose of US sanctions against North Korea. Predictably the real purpose of North Korean sanctions isn’t to end the North’s nuclear program but, as in Russia, Venezuela, Iraq, Syria etc., to cause sufficient civilian misery to bring about regime change – either through popular uprising or a military coup.

The film begins by describing Korea’s historical division along the 38th parallel. During World War II, the entire Korean peninsula was occupied by Japan. When the latter surrendered on August 14, 1945, Soviet troops accepted their surrender north of the parallel and US troops in the South.

While Soviet troops withdrew, US troops continued its occupation of South Korea,  installing a series of puppet dictators to brutally suppress any dissent through surveillance, arrest, torture and assassination…

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After Spreading Its Toxic Pollution Around the World, DuPont Wants to Sell You Water Filters to Remove It

The Most Revolutionary Act

Source: The Intercept

DUPONT OPENED A factory in Saudi Arabia last week that will produce reverse osmosis water filters. The filters use ultra-thin membranes to remove water impurities, including PFAS — chemicals made and used by DuPont that have caused widespread water contamination around the world.

Reverse osmosis is one of the technologies that the Environmental Protection Agency recommends for reducing water contamination from PFAS chemicals, which are associated with cancers, immune dysfunction, reproductive issues, and other health problems. According to the agency’s website, reverse osmosis “membranes are typically more than 90 percent effective at removing a wide range of PFAS, including shorter chain PFAS.”

DuPont Water Solutions, a division of DowDuPont that focuses on water filtration, opened the plant with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, on December 3. “Milestone achievement improves direct access to potable and industrial water solutions,” announced a DuPont press release about the plant…

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Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz MK-ULTRA Programming Unpacked


Here is Fiona Barnetts latest on unpicking Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz MK-Ultra programming and integrating with the core personaility. Her original can be found here 2018 Nov 8 FionaBarnett.org Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz MK-ULTRA Programming Unpacked[1]

Her twitter account also says recently she is facing new death threats from the Australian Luciferian Cult and asks for prayers

Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz MK-ULTRA Programming Unpacked

English cricketer Greg Thomas [Welsh cricketer playing for England] was bowling against West Indies batsman Viv Richards. After Viv missed a few balls, Thomas taunted him with: “It’s red, it’s round, and it’s fast.” Viv responded by smashing the cricket ball out of the ground, and telling Thomas: “You know what it looks like, now you go and find it!” At that moment, Thomas learned what other cricketers knew – don’t sledge Viv Richards because he…

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Universal Credit mum in High Court fight after benefit leaves her £8.98 for a month — Govt Newspeak


EXCLUSIVE: Lawyers for 34-year-old Charmaine Parkin will argue the benefit discriminates against the self-employed – thanks to a little-known catch called the Minimum Income Floor A mum is launching a High Court fight against Universal Credit after telling how it left her with just £8.98 for a month. Charmaine Parkin says the six-in-one benefit discriminates against […]

via Universal Credit mum in High Court fight after benefit leaves her £8.98 for a month — Govt Newspeak

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