Prominent Scholars Urge UN to Condemn Suspension of Sheikh Qassim’s Citizenship

The Fourth Revolutionary War

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A group of prominent scholars and political activists from various parts of the world, including the US and Europe, penned a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, urging him to condemn the Bahraini regime’s decision to strip prominent Shiite Muslim cleric Sheikh Isa Qassim.

“…suspension of citizenship and deportation of Bahraini leaders particularly Sheikh Isa Qassim, is considered as a crime and UN is responsible to condemn those acts which violate international laws,” part of the letter read.

Following is the full text of the letter:

H. E. Mr. Ban Ki-Moon

Secretary General of the United Nations

Mr. Secretary General

As you know the Bahraini people struggle peacefully to attain their own sovereignty for years and are expecting the organizations linked to Human Rights to help them. During these years they have been permanently oppressed as they were and still are demanding to have access…

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Todenhöfer: Interview With Al-Nusra Commander “The Americans stand on our side” | MOA

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Todenhöfer: Interview With Al-Nusra Commander “The Americans stand on our side”

This interview by Jürgen Todenhöfer was first published in German on September 26 2016 by the Kölner Stadtanzeiger, the major newspaper in the Cologne region. (The interview was copied and translated to English by Bernhard for educational and academic purposes.)

Interview with al-Nusra commander “The Americans stand on our side”

By Jürgen Todenhöfer

It was the seventh trip by my son Frederic and me to the civil war country Syria. We were there for 13 days. Words can only barely describe the extend of damage and suffering on both sides.

We conducted the interview ten days ago with a commander of the al-Qaida branch “Jabhat al-Nusra”. Abu al-Ezz reported quite openly about his financiers Saudi-Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. We were able to exactly research the identity of the man and know practically everything about him.


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Syrian Official: Audio of ISIL, US Military Radio Communication before Deir Ezzur Strike Available

The Fourth Revolutionary War

TEHRAN (FNA)- A Syrian top official said the country’s intelligence unit possesses an audio recording of a conversation between the ISIL terrorists and the US military before the airstrikes by the US-led coalition on the Syrian army troops near Deir Ezzur on September 17.

The speaker of the People’s Council of Syria, Hadiya Khalaf Abbas, was quoted by Sputnik as saying that after the US coalition’s airstrikes on the government troops, US military directed terrorists’ attack on the Syrian army.

US warplanes hit Syrian government troops near the Eastern city of Deir Ezzur on September 17, leaving over 90 military personnel killed and a hundred wounded.

Russia’s Defense Ministry confirmed a report by the Syrian state news agency that an ISIL offensive began right after Syrian Army positions were hit from the air.

The actions of the coalition “clearly paved the way for ISIL terrorists to attack the…

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Syria – Conflicting Reports, Dubious Witnesses Challenge Convoy Attack Case


from Moon of Alabama


The Washington Post tries an “explainer” piece to reconstruct the recent attack on an aid convoy in Urum al-Kubra, west of Aleppo. The sources are anonymous U.S. officials and members of the U.S./UK paid agitprop organization “White Helmets”. I am curious about one of those “witnesses”:

That Monday was a warm fall evening. Ammar al-Selmo, a local rescue worker, was making tea in a building across the street. Stepping onto a balcony just after 7 p.m., when it was already past dusk, he said he listened to a helicopter swoop in and drop two barrel bombs on the convoy.

Haven’t we heard that name before? Ammar al-Selmo?


There are planes in the sky now,” Ammar al Selmo, the head of the Civil Defence rescue service in the opposition-held east, told Reuters from Aleppo on Saturday morning.

Another WaPo piece also says that…

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Washington Tries to Break BRICS – Rape of Brazil Begins

The US cannot, will not, quit their War OF Terror and promoting unrest and mayhem, by fair means or foul.


by F. William Engdahl, from New Eastern Outlook


Washington’s regime change machinery has for the time being succeeded in removing an important link in the alliance of large emerging nations by railroading through a Senate impeachment of the duly elected President, Dilma Rousseff. On August 31 her Vice President Michel Temer was sworn in as President. In his first speech as president, the cynical Temer called for a government of “national salvation,” asking for the trust of the Brazilian people. He indicated plans to reform, and has also signaled his intention to overhaul the pension system and labor laws, and cut public spending, all themes beloved of Wall Street banks, of the International Monetary Fund and their Washington Consensus. Now after less than three weeks at the job, Temer has unveiled plans for wholesale privatization of Brazil’s crown jewels, starting with oil. The planned Wall Street rape of Brazil is…

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Nature of the Beast – will a new documentary about Dennis Skinner ever see the light of day?

Pride's Purge


A new feature length documentary about Dennis Skinner has just been completed, and very good it looks too.

Shot over the course of 2015/16, Nature of The Beast traces Dennis Skinner’s rise to a political icon, but also reveals the real man behind the Beast of Bolsover.

However, as can be imagined, a mainstream film about such a forthright anti-establishment figure as Dennis Skinner means mainstream funding networks have not exactly been falling over themselves to fund the project.

The main photography has already been completed, but funding is still needed to raise further funds for archive material, music, post-production and film festival entry fees. If the funding is found, the film is due to be released next year.

Don’t let this film be silenced by an establishment scared stiff of Dennis and determined to silence his message.

Please donate – or share this information so others can donate. Or even better – do both.

Thank you.

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Erdogan claims that Obama supplied weapons went to Islamic State

The Fourth Revolutionary War

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has alleged that weapons supplied to the Syrian Kurdish Peoples Protection Units (YPG) in Syria have been used against Turkish civilians. He added that he would talk to US President Barack Obama about it on Friday.

“I will tell him, ‘Look at how and where these weapons you provided were fired’,” he told reporters in Istanbul on Friday according to Reuters.

“Month ago in my meeting with him I told him the U.S. was supplying weapons. Three planeloads arrived, half of them ended up in the hands of Daesh [Islamic State], and half of them in the hands of the PYD [Syrian Democratic Union Party],” he went on to allege.

“Against whom were these weapons used?” he asked before answering, “They were used against civilians there and caused there deaths.”

The Turkish President also said today that the YPG were behind the recent bombing…

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