Russia and China Combine Efforts To Preserve World Peace

This move by Russia and China is exactly what the world needs now and probably the way forward to countering US/UK/NATO aggression.


by William Jones, for Executive Intelligence Review, July 2, 2016

China's President Xi Jinping, Russia's President Putin, and U.S. President Obama walk as they take part in an APEC family photo in Beijing

July 2 — While the Obama Administration is rapidly pushing the world toward nuclear war in Europe and in Asia, the leaders of China and Russia have agreed to redouble their efforts — and their partnership — in order to offer to the world the possibility of a new directionality toward peace and development and away from the present path toward war. Immediately following the summit meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which is now in the process of adding India and Pakistan to its membership, and represents around half of the world’s population, the meeting in Beijing of the two presidents represents an absolutely ground-breaking development.

The Joint Declaration issued by the two presidents takes aim at the underlying problem: the role adopted by the United States, during the successive presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama…

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