Obama and the Ukrainian Nazis – The reality no one wants to speak of


by Clarity of Signal, via JackPineRadicals

The US government is currently financing the training and supply of the Ukrainian military which is comprised of fascist, ring wing, pro Nazi battalions that worship WW2 Nazi collaborator Stephen Bandera who murderer of over 100,000 Poles and Jews during WW2. These battalions receive US funding and support and have done so for the past two years while the US media has covered it up and run with a false narrative about Russia and their president. 

These videos below are from their own “Azov Battalion” You Tube channel.  In the first, they are indoctrinating children into fascist, right wing nationalism.  This is incredibly sad to watch and to know that the US is keeping it afloat and allowing it to be conducted.  Russia is not the enemy this time around.  The enemy is domestic.  The US government is intentionally lying to the American citizenry…

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