Russia’s “secret propaganda assault on Britain”

If only we could chop the head off the evil snake that is the double speak of the US war machine we could indeed have peace. Alas that is not possible, it simply grows numerous heads back. What we can do is call out the likes of Michael A. MCFAUL and his propagandist platform of unsubstantiated slander and outright lies. The Washington playbook is now well known across Europe and within the US also and it’s aggression, being the source of massacres and land grabs, must be denounced. It’s exceptional ability is to twist facts, the old “blame the other guy for your own wrongdoings” tactics, it’s many terrorist supporting plots against sovereign states and the proliferation of it’s monstrous fomenting of wars wherever any country stops it’s global bid for power.
How am I doing so far in denouncing the US warmongering playbook?


by Paul Robinson, August 1, 2016

A couple of newspaper articles caught my attention this weekend. The first was in The Times, and claimed the following:

President Putin has launched a secret propaganda assault on Britain from within its own borders, The Times can reveal. The Kremlin is spreading disinformation through a newly opened British bureau for its Sputnik international news service, and is infiltrating elite universities by placing language and cultural centres on campuses. Analysts said that the push was part of Russia’s military doctrine, which specifies the use of ‘informational and other non-military measures’ in conflicts.

The Times is particularly alarmed by the fact that, ‘the University of Edinburgh accepted £221,000 from the Russkiy Mir (Russian World) Foundation to host Britain’s first Moscow-sponsored language and cultural centre. The foundation has also opened centres at Durham University, which accepted £85,000, and St Antony’s College, Oxford.’ According…

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