Tories hand discrimination helpline over to private security company accused of racism

Pride's Purge

Here’s a racist joke:

“I went to my local the other day only to find a black barman. So I said give me a drink nig nog. He said that’s a bit racist, come round here and see how you like it. So we swapped places and he said give me a drink you mother f*cking white honkey c*nt. I said sorry mate we don’t serve n*ggers!”

This ‘joke’ – along with 65 other even more racist jokes – were found on the mobile phones of two G4S security guards who were cleared of the manslaughter of Angolan deportee Jimmy MubengaThe jury were not informed of the ‘jokes’.

Over the years, G4S has received hundreds of complaints from illegal immigrants held in G4S detention centres in the UK, including allegations of assault and racism.

Black G4S employees have also complained that white G4S supervisors call them ‘kaffirs’ and ‘monkeys’.

And just last year, an official…

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