Guardian flagrantly lying about Western policy in ME, trashing its own comments to silence dissent

They really should rename the Guardian the Disinformation Centre(a longer version of the acronym BS&C) for it’s egregious misrepresentation of the West’s role in destroying Libya and previously to that Iraq and since, Syria. More of such trash may be expected until journalists are admitted into the editorial clique rather than the propagandist crap merchants currently employed vomiting lies on a regular daily basis. Even the Daily Fail can at least sometimes manage a grain of truth to find it’s way onto the page and sometimes articles with a modicum of integrity, which is really saying something about the Guardian’s cringeworthy reputation. The greatest insult, however, is the Guardian’s belief that it’s readers really are that dumb and stupid, what an utterly contemptible attitude.


For five years the US and other western powers worked to unite Syria’s disparate rebel factions, combat Islamic State and broker a peace deal with Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Prospects of such a deal have all but evaporated after Russian air power crushed rebels in their stronghold of Aleppo.

Above is the Graun’s debased re-writing of recent history in its latest piece of Pentagon/Langley/GCHQ propaganda. The article itself tries to whip some sort of moral outrage out of Russia “doing a Syria” in Libya – viz Russian companies daring to make deals with Libyan oil companies, and possibly even funding the “anti-Western” forces currently battling for control of the oil fields. The tone is, of course, that Russia has no business trying to protect its own interests in the ME or anywhere, since only Western colonialists are empowered to do that.

Capturing the glittering prize of the Oil Crescent has…

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