US, UAE operate network of torture chambers in Yemen

So unevidenced CGI reports of Pres. Assad torturing terrorists is a bad thing but the US Allied evidenced torture of Yemenis is just fine and dandy? OK as long as we know which side of the double standards we’re all on, eh?


by Niles Niemuth , 27 June 2017, WSWS 

The United States and United Arab Emirates (UAE), in coordination with Yemeni proxy forces, are operating a network of torture chambers in the war-torn country into which hundreds of men have been disappeared.

As revealed by an Associated Press (AP) report published last week, the US and UAE have established a network of at least 18 secret prisons in Yemen used for torturing and interrogating men who are suspected of having ties to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

The brutal torture regime began under the Obama administration and continues under President Donald Trump.

According to the AP report, the US operates with a mostly hands-off approach in which it provides lists of names of men to be detained and then provides the torturers with lists of questions to be asked to detainees. After tormenting and interrogating detainees, the UAE transmits…

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