Sleepers Awake, We are Heading toward Imminent Disaster


by Edward Curtin

April 10, 2018

Donald Trump is preparing to ignite the Middle East and move the world a big step closer to total war. There is a very good chance the corporate mainstream media, accomplices in massive war crimes, will be announcing “breaking news” this evening or night that the U.S., in conjunction with its evil twin Israel that bombed a Syrian air base 24 hours ago, has launched a massive attack on Syria “justified” by a false flag chemical attack on Saturday. That such an expanded and terribly dangerous escalation of the war against Syria, whose ultimate goal is Iran and Russia, should come as no surprise to anyone halfway sentient.

Open source intelligence has been available for at least 6 weeks that the world is facing a momentous point of no return unless somehow, against all odds, sane voices miraculously intervene to stop this push for…

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One thought on “Sleepers Awake, We are Heading toward Imminent Disaster”

  1. This is my feeling about this: the Middle East is destabilizing.

    People are rebelling.

    The states in that region are losing control.

    The so-called war that is coming and that will happen will not so much be a war between the implicated states (Russian and Iran ans Syria, on one side, and Israel and the Gulf States and the U.S., on the other) as an operation of co-ordinated repression against the restive populations of the whole of the Middle East.

    I honestly believe that the bellicosity broadcasted from on-high and the media is to a great extent a smoke screen. We are being handled once again, and not in the way that the alternative media and the mainstream left believes.

    I’ll be proven wrong, of course, if the shooting war that will be the “war between the U.S. camp and the Russian camp” spills over beyond the Middle East. If it remains localized to that region, then most of the worry and the angst over “what may be coming” will have been misplaced and misdirected — again!

    But we will see what is what. Events will either bear me out or prove me wrong.


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