Neo-Liberal paranoia is extreme, and it is everywhere

UK mainstream media is just as much a splurge of garbage as in the US. Russian haters rule the MSM and keep up the pretense of so-called Russian Aggression totally skirting round the giant elephant in the room to the extent that they may as well be babbling on trying to convince people black is white. It has left the Guardian looking like a shabby has been – which it is, but worse, the wheels have come off including the steering wheel. Once upon a time, the Guardians readership thought it was a sad joke, now they just consider it a joke, as with so many other MSM toilet rags and still they ponder why there has been such a massive drop off in their ratings.


by Kit

This weekend's Nick Cohen column. This weekend’s Nick Cohen column.

I consider Nick Cohen an unpleasant man. His columns are smug, rude, ill-informed, intellectually dishonest, hypocritical and self-righteous. A perfect example of the modern journalist, in his natural habitat. However, before today, I never considered him to be truly, literally insane.

Russian Treachery is extreme and it is everywhere!

This startlingly subtle sentiment is the headline to Cohen’s latest…offering. I haven’t changed it or exaggerated it, with the exception of adding an exclamation point that is, in the original, only heavily implied.

In the past I have written detailed, point by point refutations of pieces from the Guardian – similarly bizarre ramblings from Cohen and Natalie Nougayrede – but when the message is so rampantly hysterical…what is there to say? There’s nothing to refute here but the loud and incoherent repetitions of made up facts and establishment lies, already disproven a…

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