Canadian Newspapers Shield Foreign Minister From Her Nazi Past

Trudeau is as corrupt as he is mendacious and just like in the UK, he is pro Israel and Zionism and cares not a jot that he is also a racist bigot and an anti-Semite. The fact that he appointed a pro Zionist/Israel liar as Foreign Minister is just one example of his perfidy.


by John Helmer This is a follow up to Mr Helmer’s previous article on this subject.

This is not a story about the past, nor about blaming the crimes of the fathers and grandfathers on their sons and daughters, or granddaughters.

This is a story of the moment when the crimes of the past and the criminal intent today turn out to be the same thing: Russian-hating today is a race crime, just as Jew-hating and Pole-hating were crimes, and still are. No Canadian foreign minister or member of parliament, no Canadian Mountie, no Dudley Do-Right should be culpable of such crimes.

Chrystia Freeland (lead image, left), Canada’s Foreign Minister, stands for the same race hatred as her grandfather, Michael Chomiak (centre) stood for. He profited from his crimes by the theft of property belonging to Jews in Cracow and Chelm, the two towns where Chomiak ran newspapers on behalf…

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