The Guardian’s propaganda on Venezuela: all you need to know

A commenter on OffG made this excellent observation:
“There was a one line news story in the Independent yesterday which certainly wasn’t taken up by the Guardian – or anybody else that I saw. The Director of the CIA announced it was indeed their objective to achieve Regime Change in Venezuela. So much for States interfering in others! America – of course! – funds, supplies advises and encourages the armed opposition to create havoc – and to kill. And whatever the CIA wants so does the Guardian: Trump emasculated, Democrats protected, Russia pushed back, Assad dead, Gulf Arabs triumphant, Israel safe.”


by Ricardo Vaz, from

With the Constituent Assembly elections due to take place on July 30th, the Guardian published a piece titled “Venezuela elections: all you need to know”. But instead of breaking through the fog of falsehood and misinformation that is typical of the mainstream media’s coverage of Venezuela, the Guardian comes up with another propaganda piece laden with lies, distortions and omissions. In this article we go through the Guardian’s piece, clarifying the falsehoods, adding the conveniently omitted information and questioning the whole narrative that is presented.

What is happening on 30 July?

To be fair to the Guardian, there is one almost-informative paragraph, where the electoral procedure is explained. In a previous article the Guardian stated that

[…]election rules appear designed to guarantee a majority for the government even though it has minority popular support”

instead of presenting said electoral rules and letting the reader…

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